Social Responsibility

We Care

Conexsol, committed to social responsibility, was a sponsor of the 1st Humanizarte Golf Tournament, "La Venezolana de Seguros y Vida" Cup, to benefit the "Techo Baruta" Program, located in Caracas, Venezuela. It was created with the intention of raising funds for the new center "Humanizarte" that wants to inaugurate the Techo Baruta Program, which rescues homeless adults and looking for their social reintegration since 2010.

HSE Program goals

Maintain injuries cases in our operations at 0%.

Inform the measures to be taken in the event of an eventuality, in order to control it quickly and effectively.

Minimize damages to personnel, equipment, facilities and environment during all our operations.

HSE Proactive Indicators

HSE program compliance for all area personnel during all our operations.

Percentage of staff participation in evaluation and improvement of safe working conditions.

Frequency of unsafe acts without LTI.

To train in Security based on values to 100% of the supervisory personnel so that it is guarantor of the security of the personnel in their charge during the execution of the project.

Percentage of attitude assessment regarding the use of PPE and safe acts.

Percentage of managerial participation in imparting safety culture.

Performance Indicators

Identify the hazards and root cause of unsafe

personnel incidents during project implementation.

Percentage of participation of supervisors in the diagnosis of unsafe acts.

Percentage of evaluation of the knowledge of all the personnel of the risks associated to the daily activity and the area of work.

Percentage of proficiency assessment when using PPE.

Percentage of managerial participation in imparting safety culture.