Solar Power Purchase Agreements

A solar PPA may be attractive to businesses that want to avoid the upfront cost of solar and operations while still reducing their utility costs. These long-term agreements vary, but in general, to solar PPA locks in a solar electric rate that is lower than the current rate offered by your utility.


The solar PPA finance company assumes the risks and responsibilities of ownership, construction and on-site maintenance of the power plant. As the legal system owner, it also receives any solar subsidies and tax benefits, reducing its upfront costs and risks. Overall, solar PPAs are a win / win for the business and the solar PPA provider.

Steps to Future Pricing Certainty


Starting with an appraisal, we assess if our solar electricity solution is right for your business.


Using our finance and in-house expertise we develop, build and connect your private wire.

Contract Agreement

We provide a tailored solution, including energy cost savings for the length of the agreement. We negotiate a PPA which secures your long-term pricing certainty.


Conexsol fully maintains the solar farm for the length of the contract, with no impact on daily business operations.