ESS Battery

ESS Residencial

Energy Storage System (ESS) stores electrical energy for later consumption.

It aims to improve energy efficiency by improving the quality of renewable energy, resulting in the stabilization of the electricity supply system.

Power ancillary service(grid)

Innovative, energy-efficient and green, the AC container is designed for large commercial, industrial and utility facilities.

Scalable from 500 kWh to 3 MWh per container, the AC container is compatible with alternative energy technologies and has integrated lighting, HVAC and fire suppression systems.

Whether you want to change the load at specific times, maximize your current demand charges or establish a reliable backup system for critical power demands, our AC container unit is the most affordable large-scale energy storage system available.


Supply Chain Vulnerability

Failure at a critical node or along a major transmission or distribution line could have major impacts on downstream electricity supply, and can result in outages lasting from hours to weeks.


Enhances Grid Resiliency & Reliability

Storage enables the operation of highly reliable microgrids. With distributed renewable generation and storage, local microgrids ensure a secure power source for the most critical loads.